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The mysterious tools of ancient Egypt
by Baltic Paleotechnology Research and Medicine Development Foundation «MAAT»

What are the Wands of Ra?

In contemporary language, the «Wands of Ra» is a biostimulator with a pronounced immune protection action
wands of horus
Based on comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of the features of the human organism by the ancients - the depth self-regulation mechanisms of the body, this tool opened a new chapter in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.
This simple and at the same time sophisticated mechanism, which corrects the major systems of the body, also explains the causes of the most dangerous diseases of modern man, that has lost the Knowledge and detached from nature
In ancient times the Egyptian priests and pharaohs used healing wands to harmonize human life energy. This is not a coincidence that the wands are the most frequent attribute of statues of ancient egyptian gods, priests, and pharaohs. This fact clearly indicates that thESE instruments were the subject of the highest importance

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In the priestly doctrine of the ancient Egyptians, as well as in the Eastern tradition, two basic energy flows "Yin and Yang" ("Ba & Ka" in Egyptian culture) were the two constituent elements of the human being, its vital energy sources. Exactly this display lots of statues of pharaohs holding two vessels, symbolizing the "Ba-Ka" energy flows.

With the harmonious interaction of these two elements, the vital functions of the body are flowing without disturbances.

However, over time the human system requires debugging: stress, infections, electromagnetic radiation, solar activity, and other harmful factors disturb the balance of life forces.
wands of horus
Statue of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Two energy vessels
There is a significant omission at the heart of many problems of the modern man, it is not meaningful for "official" Egyptologists and lost in the mass of the extant ancient texts of different cultures...

It consists in the fact that the "Yin-Yang" ("Ba-Ka") are two counter-flows of energy, having a function of time. And on the speed of its flow into the cells of the body depends the life of any creature.
Interacting with our body — the positively and negatively charged sides of it — the "Wands of Ra" create a potential difference between the two beginnings — the elements "Ba" and "Ka" ("Yin" and "Yang"). Holding the wands in our hands we slow down the interaction of the two elements, bringing them to the "initial settings". In other words, we slow down the speed of flow of internal biological time in the cells of our body.
Restoring and maintaining the Yin-Yang balance
Development of internal abilities and deep meditation progress
Prevention and correction of various disorders in the body
Slowing the aging process in human cells
The «Wands of Ra» action combines several methods, most of which are already known to modern medicine
  • Galvanotherapy
    Influence on the body by weak currents that arise due to the appearance of the potential difference of up to 1.5 volts between the copper and zinc cylinders
  • Magnetotherapy
    The use of weak magnetic fields. The «Wands of Ra» magnetism level is natural and does not exceed the norm for the human body that is almost ignored in several medical technologies
  • Crystal healing
    Imposing of quartz crystals on the projection of the patient's organs or specific energy centers (chakras)
  • Reflexotherapy
    Mechanical influence on the body through the singular points and centers
Filled with natural minerals (crystals of quartz, magnetite, anthracite, native and meteoric iron) the «Wands of Ra» synchronize the time flowing in the cells of our organism with the time of the maternal body of the Earth.

Recreated in accordance with the canon of ancient Egyptian priests «Wands of Ra» embody the mechanisms of interaction between nature and human. That's why they give you health, active longevity and are indispensable on the path of self-development

The first in the world to tell about this instrument
was Polish researcher Count Stefan Colonna Walewski, the manuscript of which («A system of Caucasian Yoga») was published in New York in 1955. Due to modern technologies on the turn of the centuries the production of wands was adjusted by Baltic Paleotechnology Research and Medicine Development Foundation «MAAT»
All varieties of the Wands of Ra and accessories undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid. This gives them special properties and enables them to attune quickly and deeply to the human organism.
This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008)
and is the most powerful one on the planet


How the «Wands of Ra» correct your health
through the aura?

Kirlian Bioelectrography aura diagnostics captures the increase of shell width in 40 minutes
after holding the wands in hands
The influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body was explored with a GDV AuraCamera.
GDV - Gas Discharge Visualization - is the computer recording and analysis of luminescence induced by biological objects when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge.
On the basis of the GDV method in a group of scientists headed by Professor KG Korotkov (ITMO University, Cholos University and Greenwich College) the GDV Camera device was developed. GDV auracamera was clinically tested and entered in the state register of certified medical equipment.
Research topic: the influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body
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