Six-faceted crystals
The main purpose of the Wands of Ra «MAAT-6» containing six-faceted quartz crystals is the synchronization of the human energy shell with the energy flows of the Earth at high frequency and performing of mental programs, created in the mind of the healer. The quartz crystals with special hexagonal faceting are enhancing certain properties of wands.
Influence frequency
High frequency of influence
Influence intensity
High intensity of influence on the body
Level of preparedness
For medium/well-developed energy system of the body
Special features of energy influence are provided due to the iron constituent of the Earth's core which is enclosed in crystal hexagons and is resonant to the hexagonal quartz structure. Therefore, the Wands of Ra «MAAT-6» with hexagonal crystals inside provide the most effective synchronization of the human energy system with the Earth
In one of the December 1998 issues of «Nature» journal the seismologists Ho Kwang Mao, Russell Hemley and colleagues from the Geophysical Laboratory of The Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C. published an account of researches into the properties of the Earth's core.
They were able to make a reconnaissance of the planet's depths by using a new technique based on X-ray diffraction and ultrasonics. In the course of the experiments, the scientists discovered that the Earth's core «responded» to signals in the same way as strongly compressed iron.
The centre of the Earth is at depths of 6,370 kilometers and subject to pressures of between 1.3 and 3.6 million atmospheres. The immense iron sphere is surrounded by a liquid mantle and has some curious properties. For example, sound waves crossing the core from East to West travel far slower than those passing from North to South. This characteristic is called seismic anisotropy.
The iron making up the core is close to its melting point and densely «packed» in crystal hexagons, hence resonantly with the hexagonal structure of quartz.
This is precisely the reason why the Wands of Ra with quartz and ferromagnetic-coal fillings synchronize the human energy system with the Earth's energy flows, since the biological water of the organism, quartz, coal, native iron and ferromagnetic materials are mutually resonant
The wands «MAAT-6» create a powerful energy shell around the human body, having a stimulating and harmonizing effect on the immune, endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems of the organism.
The special energy generated by the quartz crystals is well managed by the mental effort (the message). This kind of wands are operating as the «thoughts amplifier», that allows you to direct your psychic energy on the implementation of the specific tasks (for example - to stop or suppress any negative process in the body).

The wands with faceted quartz crystals were the tool destined for priests and healers.

Healing action

The «MAAT-6» wands are effective for:
A profound stimulation of immune, endicrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems;
Stabilizing the blood pressure in case of hypotension and also in non-chronic forms of hypertension;
Removal of the tension, stresses and after stress complications;
Preventing oncological processes (cancer), restoring the overall balance of energies in the body;
Cardiac rhythm recovery, removal of heart pain, removal of shortness of breath and strong palpitation in case of coronary heart disease;
Restoring the body's biological rhythms during long flights, improving sleep;
Prevention of atherosclerosis;
Removal of asthma attacks (of the nervous character);
The «MAAT-6» wands can be also recommended
for those suffering from:
Hypotonia (low blood pressure);
Cardiac ischemia;
Diseases connected with poor circulation (including certain forms of impotence);
Pain in the joints in case of arthritis, arthrosis or gout;
Climacteric (menopausal) complications;
Parkinson's disease;
Sleepiness and tiredness;
Nervous depressions;
The «MAAT-6» wands type is recommended for those who have MEDIUM-DEVELOPED AND STRONG energy system. Use the all types of the Wands of Ra according basic instructions you can find in the user's guide (see "The map of daily activity of meridians", "Contra-indications", etc.)

Active excipients: 6 faceted quartz crystals
Place of origin: BRAZIL, Madagaskar


All varieties of the Wands of Ra and accessories undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid of Novikov-Kiselev near Saint-Petersburg.
This gives them special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.
This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008)
and is most powerful one on the planet
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