The mechanism
of the Wands of Ra action

The main principles

The principle of trinity

Two cylinders made of different metals - copper and zinc are used for the right and left hands. As is known, the right side of the body is positively charged, the left - negative (similar to the cerebral hemispheres. Fig.1). Copper and zinc are the "galvanic couple". When interacting the potential difference arises between them.

As soon as the potential difference raises between the two beginnings, the interaction starts immediately, and the third creative beginning appears as a result. This is the meaning of the "Principle of Trinity" in the world (that is why you have to use both wands at the same time).

The well known golden sculptural group depicting the "Triad of Gods - Osorkon II patrons" tells about this symbolically (Fig.2). The "YANG" wand ("KA") is located in the right hand of the god Horus - the figure that symbolizes the "Yang" energy flow, the male principle. YIN-wand ("BA") in the left hand of the goddess Isis symbolize the women's beginning, the "YIN" energy flow. In the center of the interaction you can see Osiris on which the energy flows are directed



Internal and external parameters of the Wands of Ra are made in the proportions of the "Golden Ratio" and tuned to the planet's own frequency. This approach is an obligatory condition for self-adjustment of the wands on the human body and for tuning the body on the wands at the same time, as well as to synchronize the human energy system to the informational grid of the Earth.

The mathematical analysis of the pyramid's structure proves that the principle of "Golden Ratio" was well known in ancient Egypt. It was a fundamental principle. In reality, it subordinates the objects of organic nature, the DNA molecule, the structure of the human body, etc.

The "Golden Ratio" was used by the priests in construction because it gives the ability to the objects to tune on the human physical and energetic structure, which are subordinated to the same laws. All things created with "Golden Ratio" acquire the ability to tune on any person and to synchronize the human energy structure with energy flows of nature. The physical devices, like the wands or pyramids, become "live" thanks to this principle.



All excipients for Wands of Ra are carefully selected according the fundamental principle of "MAAT", prescribing the interaction with materials exclusively of natural origin.

Ferromagnetic fillers of "BJA" types ("Healer", "Priest", "Pharaoh") are mined in natural places of power of Yakutia and Kola peninsula. And the quartz crystals for "MAAT" types ("MAAT-6", "MAAT-9", "MAAT-12") whose age is from 700 million to 1.5 billion years old, are extracted in the largest Brazilian, Yakutian, Madagascar and Tibet deposits.

Creating a tool destined to synchronize human energy structure with the energy structure of maternal organism of the Earth Ancient Egyptian priests have used a variety of resonant materials corresponding to certain energy flows:
Almost 70% of it consists the Earth’s crust
The Earth's core is composed of iron, huge reserves of iron ore are found in its bark
Coal (Anthracite)
A huge coal deposits are also found in the Earth's crust
Reference: Quartz is the filler of all MAAT types of Wands, including Quartz type with large-grained crystals;
- Native iron is used in BJA "Priest" type of the Wands;
- The magnetite used in the BJA "Healer" wands type - is the iron oxide with pyramidal structure;
- Сoal is used in all of BJA types cylinders, in the right cylinder of any type;

The word «BJA» is often found in the «Pyramid Texts» - this way the ancient Egyptians called the iron. «BJA», the «metal of heaven», was a sacred mineral in Egypt due to the fact that it came not only from the ground (native telluric iron), but fell from the sky (meteoric iron).

All these minerals have special properties. But why for the wands are chosen exactly them? The Earth contains many other minerals that have healing properties too? The answer is contained in the peculiarities of coal, iron and quartz energy structure and their correspondence to the main tasks - the synchronization of human energy structure with streams of cosmic energy transformed by the Earth's core and mantle.
In the hieratic school of Ancient Egypt (the heir of antediluvian Atlantis) the energy flows which have certain characteristics had symbolic names of the basic elements and were aligned with geometric shapes. Given information reached us in a very simplified form and at first glance in a meaningless manner, telling that the element "Fire", "Earth", "Air", "Water" and "Ether" have different forms and relate to "Platonic Solids": fire is correlated to tetrahedron, earth to cube, air - octahedron, water - icosahedron, ether - dodecahedron (Fig.3).
These figures were named in honor of Plato (IV century BC), although still in the VI century BC they were mentioned by Pythagoras, who was educated in Egypt in a youth. But we shall return to Ancient Egypt and to the Source.
If you look at the structure of iron and carbon (сarboneum) located in the crust of the Earth(the carboneum amount is 96% in coal-anthracite), we will see that their crystal lattice has a cubic shape (Fig.4). From here come the echoes of the teachings that relate the shape of a cube to the Earth element.
That is why certain excepients of the Wands of Ra were coal and iron ("BJA" types), because their crystal structure is resonant to the Earth and perfectly fulfills the task of the human synchronization with its maternal body.

The function of synchronizing human energy structure with the Earth also perform the Wands of Ra with fillings of quartz crystals ("MAAT" types). First of all because the quartz amount is almost 70% of the earth's crust. Secondly bacause the iron constituent of the Earth's core is enclosed in crystal hexagons, so it is resonant to the hexagonal quartz structure (Fig.5).
But in comparison with the Wands of RA with coal and ferromagnetic excepients ("BJA" types) the quartz filled wands ("MAAT" types) have a number of different properties. And the most important thing we must understand when we start to work with different types of the Wands of Ra: these two types of wands have different frequency of the influence and various kinds of tasks.

The self-regulation PRINCIPLE
The analysis of ancient sources shows that the quartz was considered by ancients a sacred mineral. All civilizations of ancientry adhered to the "Maat" principle and created their engineering structures from quartz containing materials (quartzite, limestone, granite, etc.), first of all - the temples and pyramids. One of the main tasks of this kind of constructions was the curative influence on the human body (but not the organization of the prayer house or tomb). This fact is evidenced by the extant messages of ancient Egyptian priests.
One of the extant artifacts of ancient Egypt, the most commonly used image of the "Eye of Ra", is a good example (Fig.6). The priestly messages do not cease to amaze by their descriptiveness in part of the transfer of knowledge of the human being. Thus the image of "Eye of Ra" coincides with the location of the main centers in the human brain, presenting graphic illustration of the hypothalamic-pituitary system (Fig.7).
The "Eye of Ra" consists of six components, which corresponds to the six sense organs of human, the signals from which are decrypted by the thalamus (from Greek «thalamos» - «bedchamber», «room») - the apple of the Eye.

According the existing knowledge base about the pineal gland (called by esotericists the "third eye"), it is known that during a deep meditation state occurs the most intensive production of special pineal gland hormone - the melatonin.
The main functions of the melatonin: regulation of the endocrine system activity, the sleep periodicity, slowing the aging process, enhances the efficiency of functioning of the immune system. Also it has antioxidant properties and affects the processes of adaptation when changing time zones. Furthermore, the melatonin is involved in the regulation of blood pressure, in the functions of the digestive tract and in work of the brain cells. Exhaustive list in order to show "who is the boss"?

In matters of healing the ancients adhered to the following ideology: the only doctor who knows better than anyone what a human needs at a certain time is inside his body, - it is the endocrine (hormonal) system. You just need to stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which regulates the entire endocrine system and all vital processes. When there is an infringement in the body the ongoing signals are forwarded to the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which sends special impulses for correction of these violations. These impulses are weak electric signals.
If the signal is not strong enough to correct or does not pass for various reasons (local inflammation, "slagging" of the energy channels), the regulatory impulse is conducted in other way - through the human biofield (aura). To amplify the signals of the hypothalamic-pituitary system the ancients used the piezoelectric effect of quartz.
The piezoelectric effect of quartz
  • 1
    The heat emitted from man's hands make the quartz crystals inside the wands are heated and deformed, which leads to to the appearance of the piezoelectricity on their surface - Fig.8
  • 2
    Between copper and zinc wands (which are the galvanic couple) occurs a potential difference of 0.8 to 1.5 volts - Fig.9.
  • 3
    As a result of the piezoelectric and galvanic effects the polarization of the quartz crystals arises. When the potential difference at crystal's end faces appears the crystal lattice is excited, which leads to increased activity of the incoming energy flow - the appearance of electromagnetic vibrations in a wide range (...the third creative beginning appears - the "Principle of Trinity") - Fig. 10
Vibrating this way the Wands of Ra create an electromagnetic shell around the human body and amplify the regulatory impulses directed by the hypothalamic-pituitary system. By entering into resonance with the electromagnetic waves generated by Wands of Ra the human aura begins to vibrate at a frequency defined by the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Strengthened correction signals reach the objectives avoiding various obstacles and begin to correct the malfunctions. As a result, the body adjusts itself most naturally and subtle way.
A timely question: why the Wands of Ra are designed for hands? Should we apply them to other parts of the body? The answer can be found in the mechanism of instruments action.
The wands action scheme
The principle of operation of these instruments is based on the knowledge about the human energy structure, its energy centers (chakras) and their projections in the physical body.

The energy system of a person has the energy centers - the chakras, through which the human body interacts with the outside world. Chakras can be imagined as a kind of energy vortexes or funnels. Transformed energy of the cosmos, the earth, water, air and solar rays enters through the chakras in the physical body. As the direct conductors processed energy the chakras transmit it to the human endocrine system. All the chakras are connected with our physical body and are the projections of the endocrine system (Fig.11).

FIRST CHAKRA - is a projection of reproductive glands in men/women bodies (prostate, ovary);
SECOND CHAKRA - adrenal glands;
THIRD CHAKRA - projection of pancreas;
FOURTH CHAKRA - projection of thymus gland;
FIFTH CHAKRA - projection of thyroid gland;
SIXTH CHAKRA - projection of pituitary gland (hypophysis);
SEVENTH CHAKRA - projection of pineal gland (epyphisis);
The main energy centers/the chakras, as the projections of the endocrine system, also have their projections on the surface of the human body. For example, the first chakra has a projection on the feet, the seventh chakra - on the palms (Fig.12).

As soon as we take the Wands of Ra in our hands, we run several processes simultaneously (Fig.13):

1. Through the projections, located on the palms of the hands, under the influence of biofield, Wands of Ra begin to stimulate the 6th and 7th chakras, activating the 6th and 7th energy formations, connected with them on the physical plane - in a material body takes place a stimulation of the pituitary and pineal gland.

2. Due to the harmonic resonance (the wands are configured on the Earth's frequency by using the "Golden Ratio") and the effect of the induction, the energy and electromagnetic waves of the Earth begin to be transmitted (induced) on the Wands of Ra and the human energy structure, providing a stimulating effect on the whole body and correcting its biorhythms.

3. Coming from the wand's crystals energy and the piezoelectricity generated by them create an energy cocoon around the human body (electromagnetic waves entered into resonance with aura). This energy cocoon (vibrating at a frequency defined by the pituitary and pineal gland through their projections in the center of the palms) corrects the whole human energy system, providing a beneficial effect on the entire body. The impulses passing through the hypothalamic-pituitary system turn on the processes of regeneration and self-healing.
Sequential scheme of Wands of Ra
action is as follows:
By galvanic and piezoelectric effects Wands of Ra affect on the central nervous system
From the central nervous system the impulses are forwarded to the hypothalamic-pituitary system, stimulating the 6th and 7th energy centers/the chakras
From there the message is adressed on the endocrine system (endocrine glands), then on the internal organs

The feedback proceeds in two streams: from the endocrine system on the central nervous system
and through the state of the organs by the same way
All varieties of the Wands of Ra and accessories undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid. This gives them special properties and enables them to attune quickly and deeply to the human organism.
This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008)
and is the most powerful one on the planet


How the «Wands of Ra» correct your health
through the aura?

Kirlian Bioelectrography aura diagnostics captures the increase of shell width in 40 minutes
after holding the wands in hands
The influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body was explored with a GDV AuraCamera.
GDV - Gas Discharge Visualization - is the computer recording and analysis of luminescence induced by biological objects when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge.
On the basis of the GDV method in a group of scientists headed by Professor KG Korotkov (ITMO University, Cholos University and Greenwich College) the GDV Camera device was developed. GDV auracamera was clinically tested, entered in the state register of certified medical equipment.
Research topic: the influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body
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