Filled with crystals and shungite
Wands implementation
The Wands of Ra type «SHU» are special kind of wands, which contain quartz and shungite. The shungite deposit is located only in one place on the planet — Karelia. This mineral, like quartz, is unique: if quartz crystals are the only mineral in the world that generates piezoelectricity, then shungite is special because it has electrical conductivity.
This type of wands is available in three implementation versions - Standard, Galvanic+ and Exclusive design.
Influence frequency
Low/medium frequencies of influence
Influence intensity
Medium intensity of influence on the body
Level of preparedness
For normal energy system of the body
This kind of Wands of Ra is named, particularly, in honor of ancient Egyptian god «Shu», which was "responsible" for the air space, illuminated by the sun. During the creation process Shu (with the MAAT feather on his head) raised the sky — the goddess Nut.
in the process of research of this kind of wands it was found out that their influence also has relation to invisible substances, namely - electromagnetic fields, negative effects of solar and magnetic storms, whose influence is absorbed by wands «SHU» in a special way.
The age of shungite is estimated at 2 — 2.5 billion years, while the age of the planet Earth is 4,54 billion years. Thus, shungite is one of the most ancient minerals on Earth.

That is why one of the theories of the origin of shungite is meteoric. According this theory shungite is a fragment of the planet Phaeton, located between Mars and Jupiter and disappeared as a result of a large-scale catastrophe (in our time the fragments of Phaeton in the solar system form the so-called "asteroid belt").
In favor of cosmic origin the mineral is also surprisingly indicated by the fact that it contains fullerenes - spherical carbon molecules, which previously were found only in the composition of stellar matter. Then fullerenes were obtained artificially, for which scientists synthesized them received the Nobel Prize
Fullerenes are a very expensive material and have extraordinary properties. This is the reason that the shungite that contains them has such an amazing effect on health.

Interacting with water the shungite structures it and makes it biologically active, cleans from harmful impurities, gives water a powerful bactericidal and antioxidant effect. In this regard let's not forget that water is energy in liquid form and that the human body consists of up to 80% of water.

Not only the interaction with water is famous for shungite. Another one of its unique properties is the ability to absorb high-frequencies, the most harmful component of electromagnetic radiation. It is well known that all electrical appliances that we use today create an electromagnetic field that affects our body. This field, acting on our mitochondrias damages the DNA by virtue of calcium efflux from the released free radicals that are the result of these field influence. That causes symptoms and serious health disorders that turn often into very serious diseases.

Healing action

Experiments conducted on a control group of people and experts with extrasensory abilities showed that the use of the Wands of Ra «SHU»:
  • Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic influences;
  • Neutralizes foreign energy-information impacts;
  • Increase the body's resistance to the negative effects of solar and magnetic storms;
  • Provides a profound stimulation of immune system, improving sleep, rapid after stress recovery;
  • Provides positive influence on blood vessels and the cardio-vascular system;
  • Improves the organism's antiviral activity;
The «SHU» wands type is recommended for those who have NORMAL, MEDIUM AND WELL-DEVELOPED energy system. Use the all types of the Wands of Ra according basic instructions you can find in the user's guide (see "The map of daily activity of meridians", "Contra-indications", etc.)

Active excipients: shungite, quartz crystals
Place of origin: shungite is mined in special area of Karelia

- the copper and zinc cylinders of chosen «Wands of Ra» types;
- leather cases for safe keeping, transporting and wearing
the wands on a belt when practicing with them in nature;
- hand holders for using the wands at sleep period;
- copper patches-applicators for stimulating points and chakras;
- certificate of authenticity.
The standard cylinders are traditionally made of copper and zinc. This provides the main mechanism — an appearance of a potential difference between oppositely charged metals. Meanwhile, a special ratio of Golden Section proportions allows the «Wands of Ra» to be generally attuned on the human body and its energy system. Standard wands give up to 1 volt and up to 1.5 volts in saltwater. Thousands of ancient technologies users practice these instruments implemented in original shape applying foregoing galvanic couple of metals (read more at the Mechanism of action page)
A special Galvanic+ formula with gold and silver adjunction raises electrochemical potential of the wands several times. As a metal type, the gold has a higher positive charge than copper. Thus, the potential difference between the negatively charged wand for the left hand and positively charged wand for the right increases to almost 2 volts and higher. This option naturally amplifies the intensity of the wands influence on your body. Moreover, such cylinders are less susceptible to oxidation. For ordering «Wands of Ra» with reinforced galvanic plating please switch the implementation price above from Standard to Galvanic+
Exclusive design
Exclusive implementation of «Wands of Ra» implies the application of Galvanic+ layer and a manual work of the master. The gold plating and applying of other noble compounds enhance the electric potential of cylinders. Also (at customer request) the device scheme may be attuned by ratio on personal parameters of the owner's body — for faster and precise adjustment to its energy structure, which makes these wands completely individual.
For ordering exclusive wands, please switch the implementation price above from Standard to Exclusive design
*The wands with enhanced electroplating are not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in a severe form. In case of such ailments, you should consult with us and use standard copper-zinc wands types
All varieties of the Wands of Ra and accessories undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in the large pyramid. This gives them special properties and enables them to attune quickly and deeply to the human organism.
This pyramid is working the third 4-years cycle (since 2008)
and is the most powerful one on the planet

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