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"... There are days when for a sick person the Sun is the source of death. On such days from the lover it turns into a sworn enemy, from which a person can not hide anywhere, there is no escape. The deadly influence of the Sun reaches a person everywhere, wherever he is..."

A. Chizhevsky
Russian academician
Studies conducted in the second half of the 20th century confirmed: the processes on the Sun that cause magnetic storms on the Earth are one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure disorders. These diseases are the most common, and the mortality from them is greatest, amounting to 30-50% of the total number of diseases and deaths.

The systematization of data on unfavorable Sun activity and a complete description of the processes and changes in the organism that occur under the action of cosmic factors were described by Russian scientists Y.Mizun and V. Khasnulin in the book "Magnetic storms and health" and other scientific works in the beginning of the 1980s. Thanks to their work, it became possible to develop a methodology for forecasting unfavorable days, as well as medical recommendations for the population.


The earth has its own magnetic field. Its perturbations are due to explosions on the Sun, because of which a huge amount of charged particles are moving into the interplanetary space with great speed. When after 24 hours the streams of particles reach the Earth's magnetic field, its perturbation, called magnetic storms, begins.

In addition, the geomagnetic storms and atmospheric pressure differences are present. They are caused by the gravitational action of the Sun and the Moon, which manifests itself in the form of tides.

Sometimes the power of these phenomenon is capable of knocking off space satellites, violating radio and phone communications, provoking disruptions in power networks.

What happens with a human who is primarily an elaborated energy system?

The human circulatory system is a projection of its energy system. That is why the energetical capabilities of a person are directly dependent on the state of his vascular system.

Let's check the basic processes OCCURING in an organism DUE TO#NBSP;magnetic#NBSP;storms:

The main electrochemical parameter of blood (pH) is directly dependent on how many positive electric charges are carried by positive hydrogen ions in comparison to negative electric charges carried by negative hydroxyl ions (HO-). If the positive charges amount is the same as the negative ones, the whole blood is electrically neutral, since charges of opposite signs compensate each other.
A magnetic storm disturbs the balance of this ratio, which leads to disturbances in the circulatory system: damage of the vessels walls, atherosclerosis.
During magnetic storms the blood coagulability increases. As a result of damage to the structure of cell membranes, phospholipids enter in the bloodstream through the membranes, which in turn leads to blood thickening and the appearance of atherosclerotic disorders, increases in blood pressure.
During this state a person can feel
unpleasant sensations:

- Fatigue, apathy, emotional tension, lack of strength, irritability, nausea, headache

- And also during a magnetic storm the risk of strokes and heart attacks increases due to impaired cardiovascular function

Scientists estimated that approximately 65% of the world's population is sensitive to fluctuations in the magnetic field and suffers from poor health during storms. The aging generation, young children and pregnant women are experiencing the greatest number of magnetic oscillations badly and acutely.
In our time, with increased solar activity, up to 30-40 storms occur per year,
20% of which are very powerful and palpable
There is no effective solution for counteracting solar activity in official medicine
For more than half a century of research on the problem of solar activity it has been possible to develop several recommendations that allow us to partially protect ourselves from the effects of magnetic storms (naturally, if a person has information about an impending storm). Among them:
1) Decrease in calorie content of food on the eve of a magnetic storm
2) The use of blood thinning medicines (aspirin, etc.)
3) Relaxing
Alternative method that protects energy system of a person
is offered by paleotechnologY:
As soon as the Wands of Ra appear in our hands, a potential difference from 0.8 to 1,5 volt appears between them. The appearance of the electricity between the copper and zinc cylinders, causes a natural process of equalization (harmonization) of the ratio of charged particles, which improves fluidity of the blood, restoring the condition of the circulatory system
In addition, the method of magnetotherapy, which is pronounced in the Wands of Ra types BJA "Helaer" and BJA "Priest" possessing magnetic properties allows "drawing out" red blood cells (charged particles in the blood with the most iron content), normalizing their own magnetic field, preventing the formation of stacks and making them pass through the blood vessels easily
The table below indicates some basic differences that should be considered when selecting the type of wands
Both classes of Wands of Ra are effective for:
- Prevention of atherosclerosis
- Diseases connected with poor circulation (including certain forms of impotence)

Both classes of wands have a positive influence on blood vessels
and the cardio-vascular system, but their effects vary:

The BJA "Healer" and BJA "Priest" wands are not recommended for those who is suffering from low blood pressure, because this type of wands have the property of lowering the pressure by themselves. For those with high blood-pressure, these wands filled with coal and ferro-magnetics may give an invaluable help.
The Wands of Ra filled with quartz (Quartz, MAAT, MAAT-6, MAAT-9, MAAT-12) have other properties. They are very good for guarding against cardio-vascular diseases, nervous depressions and many other illnesses, but this types of wands have properties to equalize the blood pressure through its increasing.

The Wands of Ra are not a panacea for all illnesses, since their purpose is somewhat different. However, it is worth recalling that the most part of our diseases begin due to disharmony between two fundamental energy flows — Yin and Yang.
Knowledge in the field of astronomy and cosmic factors affecting the human body also influenced the significance of the Wands of Ra in the life of ancient priests.
Only a profound knowledge of the human energy structure combined with constant observation of celestial bodies and the use of special tools could illuminate the road towards human extra abilities and communication with "the gods" through the pyramids...
How the «Wands of Ra» enlarge
your energy envelope?
Kirlian Bioelectrography aura diagnostics captures the increase of shell width in 40 minutes
after holding the wands in hands
The influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body was explored with a GDV AuraCamera.
GDV - Gas Discharge Visualization - is the computer recording and analysis of luminescence induced by biological objects when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge.
On the basis of the GDV method, a group of scientists headed by Professor KG Korotkov (ITMO, St. Petersburg) the GDV Camera device was developed. GDV auracamera was clinically tested, entered in the state register of medical equipment and certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Research topic: the influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body
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