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Their roots go back into the depths of time...

For the priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Ra
— metal cylinders filled with various special materials — were:
A preventing tool against cancer
Preventing oncological processes, restoring the overall balance of energies in the body
Implement for life extension
The way for conservaition of inner biological time to slow down ageing and autoimmune processes
Self-regulation instrument
An instrument for correction of many serious deviations from norm of human health
Daily work with the Wands of Ra
(for no less than two hours)
has a beneficial effect in cases of:
- over-agitation and nervous disorders
- problems with arterial pressure
- vegeto-vascular disorders

The Wands of Ra also:
  • improve the organism's absorption of calcium which is especially important for sufferers from osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and other problems connected with the depositing of salts
  • normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses
  • improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels
  • improves the memory and mental abilities
  • relieves joint pain in arthritis, arthrosis and gout
  • relieves menopausal symptoms
  • with systematic use reduce the blood cholesterol level
  • activate the process of cell division (Wands of Ra BJA "Healer"), which is important for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism
The Wands of Ra can be recommended for those suffering from:
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • high blood pressure (wands with a carbon and ferromagnetic filling)
  • low blood pressure (wands with a quartz filling)
  • neurotrophic disorders
  • excretory diseases
  • ischemic heart disease
  • insomnia
  • nervous depressions
  • bronchial asthma (of a nervous character)
  • spasms of the gastrointestinal tract
  • the prevention of atherosclerosis
  • diseases associated with circulatory problems, including some forms of impotence
And also:
  • as a means of countering hangovers
  • as a means of slowing the advance of Parkinson's disease
  • as a means of countering inflammatory processes in lymphadenitis
  • as a means of countering stress
  • as a means of countering headaches
  • as a means of normalizing sleep patterns (Wands of Ra BJA "Healer")
  • as a means of preventing jet-lag for those whose activities take them frequently from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance lorry-drivers, etc.) when resynchronization of the body clock causes lethargy and headaches
Most importantly, though, regular use of the Wands of Ra retards autoimmune processes, which provides a serious chance in the fight against cancer


  • Schizophrenia and other psychological disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy (in the last six months)
This last is due to the fact that in the later stages of pregnancy there is another living organism in the mother's womb that already at that stage of development has its own individuality (individual vibration).

The wands attune themselves to a person, to his or her individual frequency. As the individual vibration dictated by the mother's hypothalamus-hypophysis system differs from that of the developing child, the use of the wands in the last six months of pregnancy may have unpredictable consequences.

These contra-indications apply to all types of cylinders, but particularly to those filled with carbon and ferro-magnetic material. If you do not have pronounced problems with your blood pressure then you can successfully use either type of cylinder, depending on the task you have set yourself.
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