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Fundamental rules

When beginning to use the «Wands of Ra», remember that the copper cylinder should be held in the right hand, the zinc one in the left.
This is because the right side of the human body is positively charged, and the left negatively, and also connected with the functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain (Yin-Yang flows. See more on the page – «Mechanism of the Wands action»).

The wands can be used in a sitting or lying position as well as standing.

Try to work regularly with the Wands of Ra. Use wands according to the principle «the more - the better», but at least 1 hour per day. In this case, the progress will be noticeable. Remember that their influence is founded on «intensity factors».

Use «The table of meridians 24-hour activity» for selecting the timezone of your organism and the organs you need to be corrected. Try to work with cylinders on the nature.

In view of the general unsatisfactory state of health of the average person, we recommend that when starting work with the Wands of Ra you should not part with them even at night. For night use you have the leather hand belts in your wands set.

This will help the organism to correct the energy imbalances, restoration of which depends on certain cosmo-biological factors (cycles). Everything in nature and in the human organism develops cyclically and so the sensations experienced will be different.

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