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«Wands of Ra» for self-development

If you are a professional or learn from the proven masters of bioenergetic modality — you are aware of safety measures, adopted for your practice and self, initially. We’ll tell you why such tools are a must have for any healer, a psychic or a beginner on the path of development of internal capabilities.
Wands of Ra for self-development
The influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body was explored with a GDV AuraCamera. GDV - Gas Discharge Visualization - is the computer recording and analysis of luminescence induced by biological objects when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge. On the basis of the GDV method, a group of scientists headed by Professor KG Korotkov (ITMO, St. Petersburg) the GDV Camera device was developed. GDV auracamera was clinically tested, entered in the state register of medical equipment and certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

How the «Wands of Ra» enlarge
your energy envelope?

Kirlian Bioelectrography aura diagnostics captures the increase of shell width in 40 minutes
after holding the wands in hands
Research topic: the influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body
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