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Appropriate type of the wands

for correction and treatment of various disorders
At the beginning we recomend using wands with two types of fillings. This is due to the general unpreparedness and unsatisfactory state of the energy system in the majority of people, often reflected in the illnesses. Therefore in the initial preparatory phase to improve the general state of the body's energy system and taking into account the most frequently occurring problems, we suggest «Wands of Ra» with quartz fillings (Quartz, MAAT, MAAT-6, MAAT-9, MAAT-12 types) and the types with ferromagnetic materials (BJA «Healer», BJA «Priest», except the BJA «Pharaoh» type which is very special instrument for people with strong well-developed energy sysytem).
The table below indicates some basic differences
that should be considered when selecting
the type of wands
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