Wands of ra on etsy marketplace
Attention! Fakes have arrived!
Dear seekers!
Not so long ago, we noticed that strange cylinders appeared on the Internet on the international marketplace Etsy and Ebay. A link to this handmade store appears when you search for the Wands of Ra on Google. However, the manufacturer does not directly call them Wands of Ra, but designates them as Cylinders of Pharaoh.
This misleading was made possible thanks to the work of the google search robot in relation to the Etsy marketplace website: it reacts to the keywords that the manufacturer has deliberately entered while placing his products in the store.

Fight against counterfeit

We made an attempt to contact both: the Etsy store and the manufacturer himself, who is displaying his products for ours. Etsy - did not answer, but you can see the correspondence with the seller, someone Jason, below. In the beginning, he reacted to our appeal, and later, when we presented the necessary evidence that he was deliberately engaged in substitution of brands, he completely stopped responding.
Therefore, we warn you:
  • 1
    Before you think about buying these tools, pay attention to how they are made in a handicraft way: how can the proportions of the golden ratio be observed? Without respecting the proportions of the golden section, the cylinders cannot be tuned to the human body and correctly synchronized with the human energy system.
  • 2
    In addition to crumbly quartz, we do not see any other fillers. What fillers are used inside? What deposits are they taken from? Or is it cheap, possibly artificial quartz?
  • 3
    These cylinders are not exposed in a working pyramid. How do they acquire special properties?
  • 4
    For the price indicated on the marketplace, it is impossible to produce such cylinders, taking into account all the requirements, since the cost price is in conflict with the final price
  • 5
    You can cause irreparable harm to your body using this counterfeit a variety of consequences can be in the worst case. In the best case, you simply will not feel any effect and will be disappointed in the topic
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