For in-house and office use
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Home energy corrector with 7-level energy source is set to 7 energy centers (chakras) of the human body. Each pyramid is attuned to the owner's individual parameters.
The home pyramid is made from quartz tempered glass with 8 mm of thickness. Its height is 1m46cm - 1/100 of the height of the pyramid of Khufu (Great Pyramid of Cheops). All the external and internal measurements of the pyramid are calculated in accordance with the "Golden ratio".
The energy source (the pyramid's engine) is made of special quartz crystals mined in Brazil and Himalayan acient deposits.
7-level energy source is set to 7 energy centers (chakras) of the human body and each pyramid is ajusted to the owner's individual parameters.
Assembled glass table allows you to expose the objects in the needed focal areas of the pyramid, each has certain qualities. MAAT pyramid platform is on wheels for adding mobility and easy transportation.
The radius of pyramid action is equal to its three heights, the pyramid field diameter equals to its six heights - about 9 meters.

MAAT Pyramid action

MAAT Pyramid installed at your home or office:
  • Improves the energy environment of the area;
  • Increases the effectiveness of medicines and vitamines you take;
  • Stimulates the immune, nervous and endocrine systems especially if you are constantly stay in-doors;
  • Allows to use molecular structured water for cooking as preventive method against various diseases;
  • Positively stimulates your mental activity, increases your working energy;
  • Restores the biological rhythms of your organs and systems, renews the overall energy balance of your body;
  • Supports in reaching deep meditation and makes the energy practices more effective in general (increase sensitivity, activate energy structure);
  • Enhances the body treatments (osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga instructors, etc.) and prolongs the outcome over time;
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