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As you well understand, we believe our products to be the best and we do our best to make sure that our customers consider the same. Therefore, in this material, in terms of competition and healthy criticism, we decided to compare several significant factors in the production of wands by different companies.
By setting an example of fair competition, we do not denigrate, insult or accuse anyone of "dealing with dark forces". We just offer you information to think about in order to prove
that our trademark is really special and very qualitative.

Attempts of recreation the mysterious device

1955 | NEW YORK, USA
The story of wands production almost entirely owned by Russian researchers and manufacturers, with one exception: the first in the world to tell about this instrument was Polish researcher Count Stefan Colonna Walewski, the manuscript of which («A system of Caucasian Yoga») was published in New York in 1955. A separate chapter was devoted to the formula for manufacturing the "Solar" and "Lunar" wands, with the help of which restoration of nervous energy occurred. Thus, the first step towards the creation of wands from copper and zinc rightfully belongs to Count Walewski.

3 different companies started producing the wands under different trademarks
and using various formulas of metals and fillers:

(The company doesn't exist anymore)
Work only for Russia
Questions about quality

The two main companies split and became competitors
"Wands of Horus"
by Valery Uvarov

"Wands of Power"
by A.Shem and A.Romanenko
The first company named "The Wands of Power" were the first manufacturers whose products were sold in official pharmacies of Russian Federation. However, they produced the wands in one single type in a rather unusual formula:

1. Instead of pure copper and zinc metals, described by the pioneer-discoverer of wands Count Walevsky, they made the cylinder for the left (negatively charged) part of the body from the alloy of zinc, lead, tin, and antimony. And the right cylinder, for positively charged, - from the alloy of copper, tin, and antimony.

2. As the wands fillers the kit of the following minerals was chosen:
- jasper, hematite and garnet stone - for the left wand;
- amber, graphite, malachite, nephritis and carnelian - for the right wand.
wands of horus
The "Wands of Power" formula
Pic.1. From the book edition of 1997
by A.Shem and A.Romanenko
3. Also, the company designers did not take into account the principle of the "Golden Ratio" while programming size and proportions of their wands.
What are the disadvantages of "Wands of Power" version?
A series of shortcomings in the field of physics and chemistry,
as well as in the aspects of the ancient canon,
made this model inapplicable.
The metals, which are used for making alloys mentioned above (Pic.1), have different polarities of electric potential values (Pic. 2). Hereby, the negatively charged metals (zinc -0,76, lead -0,12, tin -0,14) are mixed in one alloy with positively charged antimony (+0,10) for casting the wand for the left hand, which corresponds to the negatively charged part of the human body... The wand for the positively charged right side is done the same way, with a neighborhood of copper (+0,47), antimony (+0,10) and tin (-0,14).

The electrohemical potential values of metals
Having checked these rods on a voltmeter, we found that a large potential difference between them does not arise. Moreover, the presence in the alloy of lead, which itself is dangerous to health, is absolutely not acceptable for the instrument working in contact with our skin.

The analysis of minerals that make up the fillers of "Wands of Power" also pointed out the systemic disorder in developer's thought... Those fillers represent two different classes of minerals with opposite properties: quartzites (nephritis, cornelian) and ferromagnetics (coal, hematite, graphite, garnet, malachite) at the same time. Jasper is actually a mixture of both types. And the amber, which is also placed inside those cylinders, is an organic petrified resin from the trees.
The essence of the error is as follows: as we noticed systematizing and studying the results, collected by years from wands users, the influence of cylinders filled with coal and ferromagnetic materials contributes the lowering of blood pressure. While quartz is stabilizing the blood pressure by raising it to the level, genetically determined by nature. Thus the blood pressure of people using such cylinders can rise and fall contemporaneously. We suppose that the only people who may need such a test are the participants of astronaut training program!

It is also strange that developers of "Wands of Power" could pay attention to the same Walevsky, who wrote in his manuscript in black and white: inside the cylinder, the "homogeneous material" was placed, but not a mixture of various minerals... But for some reason, they did not attach any importance to this.

We doubt that the ancient priests did not take into account such nuances, described above. As well as impossible to assume that they did not pay attention to the sizes of these instruments, having the "Golden Ratio" principle as a fundamental part of the canon.

The final omission, expressed in the failure of giving the "Wands of Power" a special dimension based on "Golden section", excluded the ability of these wands to self-tune on the user's body. It is quite obvious that as a result of this approach the company did not find a response among buyers. The company no longer exists (worked until 2002-2003).

"Cylinders of the Pharaohs"
by Vladimir Kovtun
cylinders of pharaoh
"Cylinders of the Pharaohs"
by Vladimir Kovtun, physicist and artist
The "Cylinders of the Pharaohs" is another trademark, released only in one type of wands with coal and ferromagnetic fillers.

As it was declared, the component of the cylinder for the right hand is coal, and the filling for the left-hand wand has magnetic content. But what exactly is meant by magnetic content - is nowhere specified...

It is hoped that the magnetic properties are given to these cylinders without the participation of artificial technical ferrite with inflated magnetic properties, but with help of magnetite of natural origin (iron oxide). Because only the use of natural materials, prescribed by ancient principles, can affect the body without any side effects...
From obvious good sides, it is fair to say that the manufacturer of this brand followed the "Golden Ratio" principle in the choice of cylinder's proportions. Probably the intelligibility of the author in the art (V.Kovtun is an artist) helped to avoid an error, similar to "Wands of Power" producers.

Anyway, the described formula of "Cylinders of the Pharaohs" corresponds to one of our "Wands of Ra" types - namely the
"BJA Healer" (KONT) [link] - in honor of Count Walewski. This type is filled with coal and ferromagnetics: for its arrangement, we use natural magnetite and high-quality coal (anthracite) mined in special deposits. You can read more at the product page and see the photos of the fillers with amazing pyramidal structure shaped by nature!

"Egyptian healing rods"
by S&S Gorbunovy
The "Egyptian healing rods" trademark holders are making several different types of wands mostly with quartz fillers and one ferromagnetic type. In general, as an author of this review, I don't have doubts about the quality of fillers they use for the wands production since they were among the first researchers on this theme.

But one very important fact allows me to doubt in the degree of properties, given to their rods by the pyramid they use for keeping the goods...

The following quote is declared on the website: "We are the only company that conditions all the Rods components inside a 72-foot tall pyramid, thus effecting a molecular change in the rod's materials. This is how there were produced in ancient times!"

1. Well, first of all, we strongly doubt that the ancients admitted building the pyramids from the wood... If it made sense to use it, they would not complicate their lives by laying thousands of stones around the world - they would cut down the forests.
egyptian rods
"Egyptian rods"
by Sergey Gorbunov and Svetlana Gorbunova
Mentioned 72-foot pyramid is one of wooden constructions built by Russian engineer Alexander Golod in few different places of Russia. Despite all the Golod's merits as the first pyramid researcher and constructor of modern Russia, his approach is morally outdated. The wood used by him is not a resonant material and does not possess the piezo-electric effect. The only corresponding materials for construction of energetical structures are quartz-containing compounds -
always were in ancient times and remain in the present. Thus, modern concrete with quartz sand is the only material that makes sense to use for pyramid engineering.

2. Secondary - the size of the wooden pyramid doesn't matter at all: even if the construction is placed over the geological fault (above the "place of power"), which should work as an energy source, according to the ancient traditions (canon) of planning such complexes. All this does not make sense, because the wood as construction material will not resonate with the energy flows emanating from the Earths core. By the way, for obtaining a serious non-child effect, the dimensions of a concrete pyramid are also not fundamentally important. If the "place of power" (the energy flows of tectonic fault) is forceful enough, you can build a pyramid with a height ranging from seven meters.

Furthermore, over time, under the influence of the external environment, rains, snow, etc., the design of any wooden construction rather quickly loses its geometry. And even this factor (the geometry power) will become useless for everything that is placed inside or nearby.

3. Thus, the beginning of their statement is truthful, but not promising much: you "are the only company that conditions all the rods components inside" there.
A.Golod pyramid in Russia - 29 may 2017
That's what happens to the pyramid, if you build it not according to the canon - from wood, not from concrete.
What kind of special energy can we talk about?
Another curious circumstance: a few years ago (in 2015) in addition to the main product line the company released cylinders filled with amber. As a justification for such a choice it was stated that this mineral was mentioned by Kont Walevsky (however, we were unable to find anything like this in the manuscript) and a certain Czech magician Franz Bardon.

It's funny that shortly before this event the following was written on the website of the "Egyptian rods": "... jasper, amber or shungites were not used in ancient Egypt as fillers for wands due to the inappropriate properties of their crystal lattice." After the launch of "amber wands", the position apparently changed, and the bold statement was removed from the site, however, it was preserved in the web archive, from where it will not go anywhere.

Recall that amber is an organic fossilized resin of trees. What resonant properties (not to be confused with healing ones) natural plastic has, and with what exactly it resonates, remains a mystery... Therefore, the primary statement regarding amber, which has disappeared from the website of the "Egiptian rods", is absolutely correct.

In this sense, I would like to advise manufacturers to understand the material part deeper. Read more about the "Principle of Synchronization" and suitable fillers for wands here - The mechanism of the Wands of Ra action [link].


"Wands of Horus"

by Valery Uvarov
wands of horus by valery uvarov
"The Wands of Horus"
by V.Uvarov
The fourth trademark in the history of wands was created in 2001 by Valery Uvarov, not long ago working in the "Egyptian Rods" company as a distributor. Unfortunately, beginning from this time point, in the topic of wands production appears a layer of dirt and slander...

The first thing, that found necessary to do the former employee - declaring on the web all other wands manufacturers as "producers of fakes". And these statements occurred despite the fact that he appropriated all the research of wands made by previous companies. And if you look deeper - particularly for that reason.

A few years later this man became our partner and we realized that all that was just a kind of move according to the principle "The best defense is an attack". Subsequently, after deceiving us next, he called us by the same definition.
In contrast to Uvarov we never called his products bad unreasonably. However, as his former colleagues, who have devoted much time and financial efforts to the joint projects, we draw your attention to the fact that the prices for Uvarov's products are substantially overstated.

Moreover, the prices for foreign buyers are several times higher than for Russian customers. Although the products and accessories for everyone are the same. It is easy to check using online currency calculator (dollars-rubles) and comparing the prices from English version of his website with the site in Russian language and notice the difference...
- Indecent manipulations with multilingual versions of websites, where for Russia the price is one, and for foreign buyers is completely different;
- inflated prices for accessories with low manufacturing cost;
- constant juggling of information in order to accuse those who have revealed the deceptions...

All these phenomena - is the corporate identity of this manufacturer, which in any situation is covering his behavior with good intentions. And here we do not want to talk about his products more. Partly because several years ago we created them together. If you are interested, you can read about our former cooperation with Valery Uvarov in this material - wands of horus [link] and here - valery uvarov [link].

Starting from 2019, the trademark "Wands of Horus" no longer belongs to Valery Uvarov - wands of horus trademark [link].

2014 - to the present | SAINT-PETERSBURG - RIGA, LATVIA
"Wands of Ra"
by Maat Foundation
MAAT Foundation is a research and development company producing the wands and selling them worldwide since 2014. Our main advantages over other manufacturers are as follows:

1. Exposure of «Wands of Ra» in the modern concrete pyramid.
All the wands types and accessories are kept in the pyramid within 12-day cycles for purification of product materials from unnecessary energy-informational data and giving them special properties.

Processing pyramid represents one of the most powerful energetical formations on the planet not only because of its structural integrity (built 10 years ago) and height of 13 meters but also because of the observance of ancient Egyptian canon in its construction:
wands of ra
"The Wands of Ra"
by Maat Foundation
The pyramid body is entirely made of concrete - the only modern and suitable material corresponding to the tasks of creating an energetical structure (due to its naturalness and presence of quartz sand). The piezoelectric effect of quartz component turns 800 cubic meters of concrete into a huge resonator. Built over the tectonic rupture point of the Earth's crust (anomalous zone) this pyramidal resonator uses energy flow of the planet and structures it (differentiates) through sacral geometry.

The above-mentioned process allows achieving changes in the structure of animate (living organisms) and inanimate nature objects (water, soil, minerals). In this way, the pyramid effect endows the "Wands of Ra" fillers with special properties and enables them to attune quickly and deeply to the human organism.
wands of ra pyramid
Pyramid construction cost - 1.5 million dollars.
2. Our production is based on the use of exceptionally natural materials as was prescribed by ancient principles. This approach provides a healing influence on the body without any untargeted side effects. All the components for "Wands of Ra" are supplied from special deposits located in places of power;

3. The dimensions of "Wands of Ra" are based on "Golden ratio". We also arrange custom-sized cylinders, attuning them on individual parameters of customer's body (on order);

4. The "Wands of Ra" kit has the largest amount of additional useful accessories, such as leather cases for safe keeping, transporting and wearing the wands on a belt when practicing with them in nature; hand holders for using the wands at sleep period; galvanic copper-zinc insoles for everyday wearing; copper patches-applicators for stimulating points and chakras;

5. The prices of «Wands of Ra» are equal for all countries.
The influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body was explored with a GDV AuraCamera.
GDV - Gas Discharge Visualization - is the computer recording and analysis of luminescence induced by biological objects when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in a gas discharge.
On the basis of the GDV method in a group of scientists headed by Professor KG Korotkov (ITMO University, Cholos University and Greenwich College) the GDV Camera device was developed. GDV auracamera was clinically tested and entered in the state register of certified medical equipment.
Research topic: the influence of the «Wands of Ra» on the energetical and physical structure of the human body

Also we make the wands in 3 different implementations: Standard, Galvanic+ and Exclusive
The standard cylinders are traditionally made of copper and zinc. This provides the main mechanism — an appearance of a potential difference between oppositely charged metals. Meanwhile, a special ratio of Golden Section proportions allows the «Wands of Ra» to be generally attuned on the human body and its energy system. Standard wands give up to 1 volt and up to 1.5 volts in saltwater. Thousands of ancient technologies users practice these instruments implemented in original shape applying foregoing galvanic couple of metals (read more at the Mechanism of action page)
A special Galvanic+ formula with gold and silver adjunction raises electrochemical potential of the wands several times. As a metal type, the gold has a higher positive charge than copper. Thus, the potential difference between the negatively charged wand for the left hand and positively charged wand for the right increases to almost 2 volts and higher. This option naturally amplifies the intensity of the wands influence on your body. Moreover, such cylinders are less susceptible to oxidation. For ordering «Wands of Ra» with reinforced galvanic plating please switch the implementation price above from Standard to Galvanic+
Exclusive design
Exclusive implementation of «Wands of Ra» implies the application of Galvanic+ layer and a manual work of the master. The gold plating and applying of other noble compounds enhance the electric potential of cylinders. Also (at customer request) the device scheme may be attuned by ratio on personal parameters of the owner's body — for faster and precise adjustment to its energy structure, which makes these wands completely individual.
For ordering exclusive wands, please switch the implementation price above from Standard to Exclusive design

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